Bounty Baby

Fireworks Towards The Stars, Wishes Will Come True.



  • 2017 National School Beauty Contest – Winner
  • 2018 Douyu Gaming Pretty Streamer Rookie Award
  • 2020 NTES Streaming Talent Streamer – 2nd
  • 2021 JJ Mahjong streamer Most Popular – Winner

Bounty Baby is a famous influencer on TikTok in China. She started operating her TikTok channel after winning a beauty pageant in college. After graduating, she was introduced to Texas Hold'em Poker by her friends, and since then, she has fallen in love with this charming game.

Bounty Baby is talented especially in Bounty Hunter events. With such an elegant appearance, she may look sweet and tender at the table, but you must not ignore her strength. The moment you are attracted by her beauty, you might just be eliminated by her in the next second. This is why she was given the nickname "Bounty Baby."

Bounty Baby is renowned on TikTok in China. She once garnered 100K+ concurrent viewers on her live stream on, with a total viewership of 700K+. In early 2023, Bounty Baby joined Pokerba as a permanent streamer.

She always interacts and exchanges pleasant experiences with her fans and followers during her live streams. She also shares the best parts of her live streams via her TikTok, gaining 10 to 20K views for each video.

Bounty Baby has won many titles in Bounty Hunter events on GGPUKE, including the 2022 APL Opening Championship. In her live stream where she achieved her victory, she mentioned that her next target will be the WSOP Online Ladies event and the Bounty Championship.