“Play poker with responsibility and control, practice sports and take care of your health and quality of life! Never forget the people around you!”



  • Popular Brazilian Twitch poker streamer
  • Nicknamed ‘Poker Raiz’
  • 15 year poker career with over $300,000 in profit
  • Placed 7th in the WSOP Online Colossus on GGPoker while playing live on Twitch with over 3,000 viewers.

A lover of sports and games since he was a child, Luiz ‘Raiz’ F. Torres studied to be a physical education instructor, but after learning about poker, he decided to learn more about the game and dedicate himself to becoming a poker professional.

Building his career from scratch, ‘Raiz’ who started at micro limit sit and go’s has climbed his way to be known as a professional tournament player. He has had some great results and focuses on online poker.

In 2019, he streaming poker on Twitch. With his natural charisma, his fun and irreverent way of playing and dealing with game situations, he became known as ‘Poker Raiz’ and many of his reaction clips went viral. With his large selection of clips and natural reactions, Luiz F. Torres was able to capture his audience and now has a large community that accompanies him daily.