Peterson Machado

" Money is paper, it comes and goes, your greatest asset is you! So be correct and have character, if that has a price you're on the wrong path."



  • Rio de Janeiro Champion 2019
  • Brazilian team champion representing Rio de Janeiro in 2023
  • Brazilian Champion by KSOP GGPoker in 2023

Peterson Machado learned to play poker in 2008, however, it was only in 2012 that he began to venture into home games with friends. In the following years, Peterson became even more interested in the sport of the mind and, after experiencing financial difficulties due to his lack of knowledge of bankroll management, the player decided to turn the game around and dedicate his time entirely to poker, becoming a professional player in 2019.

From 2019 onward, Peterson's life changed.

The player began to play the entire national poker grid and be recognized as one of the best players active in Brazil. His best year as a player was in 2022, where he won several trophies in events throughout Brazil and participated in his first international event, in Spain.

Now, in 2023, Peterson has shown that he is still in good shape, becoming champion of the KSOP General Ranking and joining the KSOP GGPoker Team Pro.