Cristian Stival

"In life there are those who collapse in the face of adversity and those who use it as a springboard to grow."



  • 2021 Madero High Roller Champion
  • 2015 Argentine Champion
  • 2019 KSOP Monster Stack Champion

Originally from Rosario, Argentina, Cristian Stival has dedicated more than a decade of his life to perfecting his craft at the poker tables, a journey that began as a hobby in 2009 and quickly transformed into a voracious passion and successful career.

With a solid background as an industrial engineer and an MBA in finance, Cristian is characterized by his obsessive, studious and perfectionist approach to everything he undertakes.

Throughout his poker career, Cristian has accumulated victories both online and live, totaling winnings of over one million dollars.

Among his most notable achievements are the 2015 Argentine Champion title and his outstanding performance at the 2018 BSOP, where he finished runner-up in the Main Event title, solidifying his name as one of the greats of Latin American poker.

A passionate fan of music and sports and enjoys spending time scuba diving and flying a plane (he is a licensed pilot). Cristian integrates his interests outside of poker into his approach to the game, bringing a fresh and unique perspective to the tables every time he plays.

The most important thing I learned from poker is that there is no such thing as failure. Every disappointment, every mistake made, every opportunity thwarted; they have been nothing more than silent teachers, guiding me to a stronger and wiser version of myself on my passionate and dedicated path in the poker world.